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Chapter 11: Surprising News

Jack came back as promised a few days later, staying a week or so before leaving again. This became routine. He wasn’t gone for long, but it meant he left more often. I understood why though. September marked the first month that he could use a bit of his powers, though it wouldn’t be until December when he could use his full powers around here. He no longer had to travel to faraway places as much anymore because it was now spring in most other places of the world. I was the most glad about that, I hated those long months away from him.

Something was happening to me though in those last few weeks of November. It had been a little over a month since Jack had finally came back to me. Something wasn’t quite right. I was getting sick a lot. Thankfully, Jack wasn’t around when I did. I didn’t want him to worry over me getting sick. But just in case, on one of the days that Jack was gone, I grabbed an old hooded cloak from the wardrobe and put it on hood up as I snuck out of the cabin for the long walk to the doctor.

Once finally at the doctor’s office, I waited a few minutes before actually going in, so I could catch my breath and not look so tired from the long walk. I told the receptionist I was here to see the doctor, the same one I had gone to all my life.

The receptionist handed me a clipboard with a form to fill out. I filled it out explaining my symptoms and such. She then said the doctor would see me soon.

After about an hour of waiting, my sickness started to kick in. As I felt the bile in my throat, I ran to the bathroom before letting it all out in the toilet. After flushing and washing my hands and my mouth out, I went back to wait. It was then only thirty more minutes before I was called.

I sat on the table in the room, waiting for the doctor to come in. Soon he came in with a greeting, “Ah, Miss Winters. Are your parents here with you?”

I nervously ran my hand against my other arm, “No, I came by myself. And I’d rather you not tell them I came either.

“Ah ok, then. So what seems to be the problem, Miyuki?” The doctor asked as he began with the usual examinations.

“Well,” I began as I listed off my symptoms, “I’ve been getting sick for the past few weeks and I feel totally tired all the time.”

“I see well I’m going to do a urine and blood test to see if we can get to the bottom of this.” He smiled at me before leaving the room.

An hour or so later, the test results come back and the doctor walked in to tell them to me, “Well, congratulations, Miss Miyuki.” I was confused by hearing this before he finally continued, “You’re pregnant. About ten weeks along it seems.”

My jaw dropped. P-pregnant? A b-baby? How was I going to explain this to Jack? How were we even going to take care of a child? I was only sixteen and though he may have been almost 300 years old, he was still only eighteen. Neither one of knew of how to take care of a child.

The doctor’s voice broke me out of my thoughts, “Well I take it by your reaction that this was unplanned. I’d like to go over your options.”

Options? I already knew the options and I knew adoption was out and there was no way I could kill it. I told the doctor, “I know the options and I don’t want to go the other routes.”

“Ok, then, Miss Winters.” He said as he wrote down an address of a very good gynecologist that was in the area and told me to call and set up an appointment as soon as I could. I nodded and soon I was walking out of the office into the cold with the news rattling around in my head.

I was about half-way back to the cabin when Jack spotted me and landed down near me. “Miyuki?” He curiously asked, “What are you doing out here?”

In a way I was glad to see him, meant I wouldn’t have to walk anymore, but another part wasn’t so glad. I was going to have to tell him eventually, but not here, not now. I stumbled over my words, “I-I was o-out for a-a walk.”

He obviously knew I wasn’t telling him something. I sighed before finally saying, “I’ll tell you when we get back to the cabin.”

“Fine,” he sighed as he picked me up and flew back to the cabin.

We landed and went inside the cabin. He turned to me, “Alright, talk.” It was the maddest I ever seen him at me.

I started out with a question, “Didn’t you say that spirits and humans couldn’t have children?”

Jack looked confused “Y-yeah. At least I’ve never heard of it happening.”

I looked down to the ground before looking back up at him and sighing, “Well, I’m p-pregnant. I had been feeling sick for a while and I didn’t want to worry you, so I snuck out and went to see the doctor.” I paused looking at him. He obviously hadn’t put things together. I sighed before continuing, “Jack w-we’re going to have a baby. We’re going to be parents.”

Finally he understood, his eyes widening as he leaned on his staff for support, “A-a kid? A-are you sure I’m the father?”

I was a little mad now, “Of course you’re the father! You’re the only one I’ve ever been with! Don’t you know how this sort of thing works?”

“Actually, no,” he responded. “When I came back as Jack Frost, I didn’t know much of anything. I don’t even remember my past before I was Jack Frost, I don’t even know if I knew back then. All I know is that babies come from the mother’s belly. I’ve seen a few pregnant women during my time here, but it was always through windows. So I’m sorry if I don’t understand what’s going on.”

I sighed and went up to him putting my hand on his face, “Jack, don’t you remember when we made love?” He nodded before I continued, “Well, this child was formed from that.” I put my hand over my stomach.

Finally he understood, finally able to think rationally, “I-I don’t know anything about being a father. C-can’t you get rid of it?” I could tell he was scared now. I was scared too.

“No, the only two ways of getting out of raising it is adoption and abortion. We can’t put it up for adoption because of it being half-spirit and I’m not going to kill it. This child is proof of the love between us, Jack. You’ll see I’m sure you’ll love the child as much as he or she loves you. And I’m sure you’ll be a great father.” I kissed him on the lips as my hand went back to his face.

He broke the kiss before quietly whispering, “How do you know that, Miyuki?”

I smiled before whispering back, “Put it this way, this child will always believe in you because you’re their father. Besides, what child can say that their father is Jack Frost? And if you just treat him or her like you do the other kids, playing with them and such, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Though I’m sure this kid will be more special than any other kid in the world to you. I know it is to me already.” I smiled thinking of the child inside me and what he or she would look like. That’s when it hit me. I was sixteen and I was having a child with Jack Frost. Heh, if someone had told me when I was younger that I would be having Jack Frost’s child, I would’ve never believed them.

I was brought out of those thoughts by Jack, “How will this child be special to me compared to the other kids of the world?”

I smiled again, “Jack, he or she is a part of you and a part of me. They are your own flesh and blood. There is nothing like the bond between a child and their parents. Believe me, you will see. The day this child comes, you will feel emotions you never thought you would feel.”

Jack got quiet, no doubt thinking. What he did next surprised me. He backed away from me, before quietly walking away from me, whispering, “I-I’m sorry, Miyuki. I-I gotta go. I have to think about all this. T-this is a lot for me to handle.” He then started for the door.

I started to cry, “J-Jack! Please don’t leave! I need you, Jack!” I followed him to the door.

But he stopped me at the doorway, “I-I won’t be gone for long, Miyuki. Just an hour or two, I promise. I gotta be alone to think about this. I wouldn’t leave you forever. I love you and I always will.” With that he kissed me on the lips for a good minute before closing the door and flying off.

I collapsed to the ground and started to cry. Did he really have such a hard time accepting this? I have a hard time accepting it too, but I have mostly already. I mean I’m scared too. But there’s nothing that can be done now. Normally, I wouldn’t have been this bad, but my hormones were already kicking in.  I cried for an hour on the floor before getting up and going in the bedroom. I closed the door and barely made it to the bed before I flopped down onto it. I curled up into a ball as I continued to cry.
Ok here's chapter 11 :D So finally I've reached the first plot twist of my story :D So now that you all know of Yuki now and how she came to be, I will soon post some sketches of her and Miyuki and Jack and one other character that comes later in the story. Waaaay later XD So enjoy!!!

Also if you haven't go see the other chapters before this and after this :D
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Jack Frost and Rise of the Guardians belong to Dreamworks and William Joyce
Miyuki Winters (and little Yuki XD) and the story belongs to me.
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