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November 30, 2012
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Chapter 1: Seeing is Believing

As a child, my mother told me stories of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost. I believed in them all, but not so much as I believed in Jack Frost…

I was always fascinated in Jack Frost. I loved the snow and the frost. I was always awed by his work. Everywhere I looked in the winter, everything was beautiful.

I believed so much, that I had the shock of my life when one night not long after I turned six. He finally showed up in my very own room.

I always left my window open; I loved the cool breeze of winter, even if it meant I had to cover up more. This was just an invitation to the spirit of winter.

Out of nowhere, the top of my window where the two parts of the window met frosted over in an intricate swirly design. I got out of my bed and curiously walked toward my window. Before I even got half-way there, I saw him.

He was a young boy no more than eighteen. His hair a pale white that shimmered in the moonlight that shone in behind him. His skin as pale as the snow and his eyes a mesmerizing ice blue color.  

We both stayed still, watching each other. The cold breeze blew through my light brown hair as my hazel eyes widened in pure awe. Finally my mouth loosened as I quietly whispered, “Jack Frost…”

The young boy practically froze, before asking incredulously, “You… can see me?”

“Of course I can,” I replied taking a few steps closer to him.

The young boy stuttered, “T-that means you believe in me!” All of a sudden all personal lines were broken and the white-haired teen was scooping me up in his arms, his long wooden staff with a crook at the end pressed against my back.

It was cold in his embrace, but I didn’t mind. I returned the hug, “Of course I do. My mother always told me of all the legendary beings, but I’ve always believed in you more than the others.”

He pulled me away from his chest slightly enough to see into my eyes. I stared into his blue eyes and got caught in them. Sincerely looking into my eyes, he smiled, “Thank you, you are the first to truly believe in me.”

I smiled back, still caught in his gaze, before momentarily being released from his grasp. He flew up off the floor enough to hover, “So what would you like to do first?”

It was already dark out, it was late probably about ten or eleven o’clock, I had gone to bed about eight. I looked at him confused, “But it’s so late…”

He flew toward the window, “So?” He paused before asking, “What is your name?”

I replied, “My name is Miyuki Winters. I was named that because I was born in the winter while the snow was falling outside.”

Jack smirked mischievously, “Well, Miyuki, come on. Let’s have some fun.” He held out his hand as he hovered outside my window.

I hesitantly walked over and took it, being immediately swept into the air. The rush of flying and the wind blowing around my hair was amazing. It was the most memorable moment in my short life.

We landed in the snow near a frozen lake. “This is my home,” he said letting go of my hand. I stood in amazement, slowly turning and taking in the beautiful scenery lit by the moonlight.

All of a sudden, something cold hit the back of my neck. The fun-loving Jack Frost threw a snowball at me, starting a snowball fight for two.

After I was exhausted to the point of almost collapsing, I laid back in the snow. I felt the snow touch my skin, as I had left my coat in the spur of things. I was starting to get cold and ready to go back home, “Jack, I’m starting to freeze out here. I didn’t get my jacket when we left. Can you take me home?”

He laid beside me, looking right at me, his icy eyes glowing in the moonlight, “Not quite yet, come on I wanna show you something.” Once again he held out his hand and once again I took it. He took me out to the frozen lake. Afraid of slipping once my bare feet touched the cold ice, I gripped harder onto Jack’s hand.

He calmed me down, “Miyuki, relax. Nothing is going to happen. Trust me.”

I loosened up my grip and started to relax. Jack glided me across the ice, skating around just on our bare feet. He let the crook of his staff drop to the icy lake. Immediately, the same intricate frost designs that appeared on my window were spreading across the ice.

Twice in one night, I was filled with awe by the mischievous winter spirit called Jack Frost. Soon though, I was getting tired and cold. Jack was sensing this and with his fun over, he quickly took me home. I was so tired I fell asleep in his arms; I was comfortable in his arms and I felt completely safe.

He tucked me in my bed, covering me to make sure I was warm, considering how cold I was. I didn’t even see him leave out the window, but I heard the gentle slam of my window closing. And I smiled in my sleep, completely happy. I dream of the fun time I had with the one and only Jack Frost and couldn’t wait until the next time I would see him.
This is chapter one of my fanfiction with Jack Frost. This takes places in Burgess before Jack meets the Guardians, about 12 years to be exact. Miyuki's name means silent snow; beautiful happiness in Japanese. This story has been swirling in my head ever since I went to go see Rise of the Guardians over a week ago. I will be continuing this story as much as I can. And sorry if this first chapter is so long. I'm surprised at how I was able to stretch out such a simple idea in my head XD I guess when the events took place in my head, I wasn't thinking of all the description I would have to go into XD

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Jack Frost and Rise of the Guardians belong to Dreamworks and William Joyce
Miyuki Winters and the story belongs to me.
Shadow-Obsessor Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Don't apologize. I personally love long chapters cause that means I get more information and goodness before the next chapter comes out that I can dwell on. this is very well written! You have a good sense of structure and detail, adding just enough to give colorful detail without crossing the line into purple prose. Jack Frost was portrayed very close of not exactly to how he is in the movie. My question I have though is if your character believed because of what her mother told her, why did her mother believe in Jack Frost? What made her mother believe in him enough to tell her daughter about Jack Frost along with the other major Guardians?
Great Job! keep it up and I can't wait for the next installment! :)
KikiYoko9209 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Thanks. I know I had that feeling too. I worry I may have twisted Jack from his original portrayal bit too much too ^^; Is it so bad that I may need to fix it? I've seen so many other stories that made Jack totally our of character XD I at least tried to keep to it, guess I didn't try hard enough XD And thanks so much, I take a lot of pride in my writing. I proud to know that I can sit down and elaborate so easily from a simple thought. Believe me, when I saw this in my head it was a lot shorter XD And to answer you question, in my mind I see her mother just telling her like any other mother would, just to entertain the young child and doesn't truly believe herself. But Miyuki believes in everything about them. Even if they weren't real she would believe in them, it just so happens in this world that they do XD And thanks for the questions, it really made me stop and think for a bit. I could use that a bit more XD
Thanks, I'll be sure to post the next as soon as I can ^^
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